Com’on Statistics

The young people have decided. They could vote for the initiatives submitted for Com’on Cluj till 23:59 on the 15th April, 2015. The voting started two weeks ago with 437 initiatives. During these 2 weeks, young people were able to show their capacity as a mobilizing force. In all, 48.609 votes have been gathered by 18.782 […]



The main target of our project to expound the trends of contemporary photo art, which link the city by the photography processing of the main quarters of Cluj-Napoca with creative attitudes. The pictures with different style, quality and value impacting our every day. We fasten this pictures consciously or unconsciously, and this pictures modifying our […]

Pub Quiz

A pub quiz is a game (usually played in bars, pubs or cafes on a weekly basis), with several registered teams competing with each other. The topics of the game cover all areas of general knowledge, such as art, history, geography, music and cinema.   Teams consist of al least 3 members –there is no […]


Digital Cluj

A lot of opened events are organized in Cluj-Napoca daily, but not exist that surface, where the inquirings can get information from these free and effectively. Starting from this claim we would like to create a webpage, which help for the youth of Cluj-Napoca to hear on time from the organized events in the city. […]

Other Dialogues

The project “Other Dialogues” aims to collect stories from the communities of Cluj. All the buildings, events and histories tell different things to different people. We aim to get people of different ages, ethnicities, nationalities and professions together through our group of 3 volunteers, who gather stories from these people.   The first step is […]



Our projects aim to create a webpage, which would ensure area for the inhabitants of Cluj-Napoca to tend private lessons for each other. According to our plan may announce one private lesson from the tutoring of university courses to the most different creative ideas. We see the realization of the project like change system, so […]


Fairy Paint

The aim of the Fairy Paint project is to surprise the everyday passersby of a specific area. The project aims to brighten some areas by painting a jungle onto the grey concrete walls. This beautiful and magical artwork would make this part of the walk all the more interesting and funny for those who walk […]



Our initiative, which name is Inspiration is a two days long lecture series on three places, by this we aim the younger age group mainly, the college student and bachelor stratum, but we try to give supply, where everybody can find interesting topics and lectures. Our main target to acquaint more personal success stories with […]