“Clean Cluj 2015” is a project set up by the European Youth Capital – Cluj Napoca 2015. We hope that the work carried out here will be continued in the following years. Our main goal is the physical cleaning of Cluj Napoca, but we would also like to draw attention to the necessity of the […]


A Positive Sign

Entitled “Jelelni jó!”, which translates as “It is wonderful to communicate trough signs”, is a project which aims to raise awareness about the joys of communicating in sign language.   Our intention is to promote sign language, the native language of deaf youth, especially in Cluj, a city that gives home to three schools for […]


Parc public de Street Workout

  Luckily, in Cluj there are quite a lot of green areas, including lots of playgrounds for young children. There are also a handful of “fitness parks”, with a few, not too versatile devices, more appropriate for senior citizens, but inadequate for those who wish to practice more intensive workouts outdoors. The city lacks simple […]


Dance and Smile!

Between the 19th and 26th of April, 2015, the “Bogáncs – Zurboló Egyesület” Association wishes to celebrate 30 years of existence through several manifestations, and wishes to involve the European Youth Capital, Cluj-Napoca in 2015, in all its events. Our idea for this period is to organize two ‘falshmob’ actions, called “Dance and Smile”. This […]



  The Musai-Muszáj is a civil organisation (a community of citizens in Cluj) that wants to do something for the town’s multiculturality; by arousing the attention of the media and other citizens. We think that acts of the town, leading towards complete multiculturality, are insufficient.   During our activity:   1. We want to popularize […]


Crossing over Cluj-Napoca

Crossing over Cluj-Napoca is not a traditional city-knowledge competition. The participants participate in a time journey. Teams (of about 3-5 people) participate in this competition, and all teams require at least one participant who is an adult.   Every participant gets a special city map and a set of worksheets to help them complete the […]



Around 20-30.000 people go across the town square in Cluj-Napoca daily. This is a very large number. We go across every day too (at least twice). As we stand for long periods at the traffic lights, a very impatient mass is built up: afterwards, everybody shoots off into the oncoming straight like an arrow.   […]