Movie Nights – 2015

We plan to watch a motivational movie each month. After the film, we would like to have a discussion with the attendants about the problems and solutions raised in the film.   You are welcomed if you think that you could be built by others’ ideas, and if your ideas could be beneficial for others. […]


English Corner

There are many people who have studied some English, but haven’t have the opportunity to practice it. With this conversational club we would like to create a space where anybody can speak out, even if they are not sure about grammar and their dictionary is not so rich. We hope that the chosen topics will […]



ApFest will be a one-day festival that will take place on 12th of June 2015, between 10 AM and 10 PM, in the courtyard of Apáczai Csere János High School -an area bigger than 14000 ft squared. We welcome every high school student, and anyone interested. We expect around 500 participants. During the day, bands […]


Nomadic Lifestyle Equestrian show

The Kalotaszegi Eagels (Kalotaszegi Turul Nomád Hagyományőrző Egyesület), formed by very experienced horse riders, will present an equestrian show. The show will contain hunting and fighting techniques, which will give an impression about the way Huns and other tribes lived during the nomadic times. Their previous presentations (at the Bonchida Castle Days) have received overwhelmingly […]


Diplomacy Workshop

In the world we live in today, diplomats are not the only people shaping the relations between states, and impacting policy decisions. New bodies (such as NGOs, public institutions and also private companies) have gradually gained influence -especially through engaging in lobbying activities. Promoting democracy, and democratic values, world-wide, and maintaining a “war-free world”, can […]


The Serial Killer

“The serial killer” was inspired by a ‘know-group’ game. The aim of the game is that a registered person, called ‘Agent’, has to eliminate another ‘Agent’. For signing up, the participant has to give just a minimal amount of their personal information: name; age (the participant must be between 16 and 25); the name of […]


Color it!

  Some streets of Cluj may seem grey and boring, although they are not. There are a lot of beautiful buildings and little things that we simply pass by every day, without even noticing them. Our project would make a little change. We would like to bring colour and happiness into these streets; we would […]


Hello ’90s!

  “Hello ’90s!” is a unique event for the youth of Cluj-Napoca. It is a project that aims to broaden the cultural life of the city with an event primarily for the ‘90s generation. We, the ‘90s kids, are stuck in this decade and we won’t let go of it, for better or for worse. […]


Free Dance Lessons

Dance courses for beginners will be offered, free of charge, for anyone interested. We’ll rent a special room, with mirrors, where the event will take place. We’ll also hire dance instructors. They’ll take place in June 2015.