Let’s make good!

Happy young people will organize a conference regarding happy relationships, but they need you to support them as well! You can help them trough Bursa Binelui by donating. If 1000 RON will be gathered, BCR will double the amount with another 1000 RON.

Conf. Paul Goodnight from USA is invited as a speaker to the Happy Relationships conference that will take place at Cinema Mărăști.

The young generation shouldn’t be called a depresive generation. It is true that trough formal education young people can not learn how to be happy and healthy. Working with young volunteers from Cluj for five years we heard what is going on at high schools. Young people are searching for happiness in cigarettes, drugs, violence, vandalism, pornography and alcohol. More and more young people are living their lives without hope and happiness.

The aim of the project

A conference for about 300 high school students, students and newlywed participants; helping them to understand the needs of an individual and what does one need to reach happiness.

You can support the group here.

Thank you!