ExchangeBuddies Quiz Night

Do you like languages? Do you know a lot about them or are just you curious to learn more? If so, you could test out your knowledge at the exchangebuddies quiz night on the 29th of August! What was provided? An international setting, special prizes for the language gurus and fun for everybuddy without any participation fee.

Who are we: exchangebuddies is a community that aims to encourage language and cultural exchange. Formal language courses are great but we believe engaging in real world conversations with natives makes all the difference when moving from theory to practice. In order to help you, we’ve created a free online platform where you can look for a language buddy in your area: www.exchangebuddies.com. By adjusting the search settings you can find a buddy who not only speaks the language you’re interested in, but who also wants to learn your language. This way you can practice the tandem learning method, where you teach your buddy while he or she teaches you. Not interested in any language in particular but in another country’s dances, sports, or other cultural elements? Great, exchangebuddies is also for you. Interested? Join us now and start practicing with your exchangebuddy