Sounds Cluj – musical playground

Sounds Cluj is an interactive community project that aims to create music in an innovative way. The event – a musical playground open to everyone – took place between the 20th and the 22nd of August 2015. The plan was to engage the passers-by of the streets in a collaborative creation of music.
There was a street studio set up in the Museum square and in the Central Park, where the music produced by those willing to paricipate was recorded.

The material will then be mixed and mastered by young DJs and composers from Cluj. The end product of the group’s work will be a music album that will have hundreds of contributing artists, all of them: the people of Cluj. Vera Jónás ( an acclaimed singer, songwriter and loop artist from Hungary ) and her crew ( two students from the Snétberger Music Talent Center who will be responsible for the recording ) were invited to support the group to implement their project. Vera Jónás closed the event with a concert.

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