Youth on Urban Development: How We See VISION

Youth and Urban (or Regional) Development are two topics in Europe usually treated completely differently. Different commissioners handle the two topics, different budgets are allocated. Usually very few connections are made between these two areas.

Since its establishment in 2009, the European Youth Capital title and all the cities which took the challenge to host this challenge, are connecting exactly these two topics. There is not mistake to be made, the title itself is new, and there is still a lot of improvement to be done in the consolidation of the role the title in the European spectrum, but year by year the showcases given by the hosting cities is becoming stronger and stronger. Cluj-Napoca is 2015’s European Youth Capital.

SHARE Vision

We SHARE VISION, because youth is the future of Europe and Cluj-Napoca wants to add its part to the future of Europe. The middle of the second decade of the 21st century is the moment the first youth generation all across Europe becomes a part of envisioning the future. Eastern European integration is still in process after 12 new member states entered the European Union.

What we envision today for Europe is what will become the reality governed by today’s youth (generation), which becomes the key leading generation until 2040. The concept of our initiative is to build on this key factor and to induce a vision factor in more and more projects of a youth initiative of this scale.

We believe the European Union is the key institutional form of continuing on the path of building a single, consolidated, inclusive Europe. Basic liberties provided by the EU are essential to the youth generation’s needs, but they can be extended further.

In the process of envisioning Europe, we aim to create contacts and synergies with regions of Europe which are not part of the European Union but are open for cooperation. We would mention here the specific situation of Southeast Europe and the Black Sea Region.

SHARE Vision takes into account the objectives of Europe 2020 but also aims to look further, setting ground for long term objectives formed by the European Community after 2020.

SHARE Vision means a set of policy proposals, methods and good practices that become part of the youth movement across Europe. SHARE Vision means also a set of initiatives proposed at European level for improving youth’s conditions.

We aim to connect local, regional, national and European young people through their images of the future. Inducing and promoting this image through their eyes towards key decision makers today will help us build a better society for tomorrow.

YOU(R) Conference embraces the Youth on Urban concept and underlines a key statement: youth needs to have a voice in urban development.

(Y)OUR Conference is part of the (Y)OUR Cluj Movement managed by the PONT Group, a community committed to youth participation, open collaboration, open access, shared values and responsibility

YOU(R) Conference is implemented with the support of the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme in the framework of the Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital.