Youth Participatory Budgeting: Project of Plenty


What could represent the spirit of the European Youth Capital better, than the fact that the project was made up and launched by several organizations and institutions co-operating with each other?

The COM’ON Cluj project came to life through the cooperation between the PONT Group, Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Council and the Cluj-Napoca SHARE Federation, under the freshly-won title of “Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital”.

The idea of the initiative was born in March 2013; the more detailed project plan came into being after applying on the EEA Grants NGO Fund, as a reply in July, same year.

The official title of the project is “Youth Participatory Budgeting in Cluj2015, European Youth Capital”.

Last but not least, to help the full Hungarian adaptation of the program, we were able to win the additional financial backing of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, which extensively supports the multilingualism of the whole process.

Since the fall of 2014 we have the support of the Main Inspectorates of Cluj. Our aim is to win dozens – if not hundreds – of promoters for the youth participatory budgeting process under the slogan “COM’ON Cluj”, showing the communal character of this.

The slogan “COM’ON Cluj” is also a call towards all the informal initiative juvenile groups for joining in the program and becoming a building block in the Cluj2015 European Youth Capital project.

The purpose of this section is to thank and indicate all of our partners.