5 January 2014, Our Vision About the Legacy of the Youth Capital for Cluj

Cluj can define itself as an important hub of youth-related events and is a youth policies incubator and laboratory. Our vision for Cluj-Napoca is to be the most livable and youthful city and youth destination in Central and Southeastern Europe with sharing as its guiding principle.

Cluj-Napoca will gain a full proof Local Action Plan for Youth (Youth Strategy) in correlation with the General Development Strategy for 2014-2020. This strategy will put in practice a vision regarding how youth relates to space, culture, work, power, joy and vision, as presented in this VisionBook.

Cluj-Napoca will take important steps in consolidating youth infrastructure, which enables the physical space necessary for implementing specific projects in relation with a youth strategy. It will also provide the framework for the development of virtual infrastructures that enable a large scale management and monitoring of activities, and also mechanisms of attracting an increased level of funding sources for youth-related activities in the city.

Act Multi, Learn, Open Source, Envision, Partner, Image, Innovate, Add Value, Participate become driving principles not just for European and national, but for local level youth actions as well.

All of this will lead to a cohesive local community with a permanent interaction of the center and the periphery, of different ethnic groups with each other and of people of all generations.

The city is a performer in what it means youth entrepreneurship, being the first city in Romania in 2013 regarding the number of companies opened by young people. This culture of entrepreneurship will be strengthened by the resulting entrepreneurial initiatives. We aim for 100 entrepreneurship projects to emerge from the ideas of the capital covering a wide range of domains, from business to independent or community projects, to social economy and NGOs.

We want to permanently connect education to the external environment and to insert entrepreneurial education, cultural education into the formal education. This will create a culture of education that goes beyond the school environment and creates valuable skills and competencies.

The Capital will provide the opportunity to create a hub for youth related research regarding their interests, trends, education, and employment.

We will set the stepping stones for a city-wide online platform for volunteers that will merge volunteering opportunities through mobile apps and clever scheduling so that anyone will be able to volunteer based on their interests. This will tie in with a gamified system that will track progress and link achievements to different leaderboards and badges. This system aims to become the main volunteer connection platform in the city becoming an iconic piece of its culture and lifestyle.