1 January 2014, Cluj-Napoca is Europe’s Youth Capital!

It is not a dream anymore, it is reality: Cluj-Napoca is European Youth Capital in the next 365 days. As a short remark for this first day, we would like just underline the mission of this programme, as it fas drafted in the bid for this title by the coordinators from the PONT Group.


The mission of the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital is to strenghten the role and support the active participation of young people and youth organizations in creating the change in our society through the process of sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development, by sharing our space, culture, power, work, joy, vision and common European values, addressing topics such as youth empowerment, advocacy, mobility, structured dialogue and information, under a year-long programme in Cluj-Napoca.


The Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital follows these objectives:

  • to involve the local community in youth related projects and activities,
  • to become a yearlong European center for major youth events, meetings, conferences,
  • to activate youth and their organizations in the process of urban development in Cluj-Napoca,
  • to enhance sustainable cooperation between local (Cluj-Napoca), national (Romania), and European organizations,
  • to increase the level of knowledge of European youth regarding Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania,
  • to include Cluj-Napoca in European networks of cooperation in the youth field and other sectors,
  • to create a sustainable partnership between local authorities, youth NGO, and other institutions with responsibilities in the youth field,
  • to create sustainable youth screening mechanisms and creating better career-opportunities for talented youth,
  • to create necessary conditions for supporting innovative, creative ideas of youth and to in an initial phase,
  • to create sustainable financial mechanisms for supporting youth projects, structures.