3 February 2013, Connector+ Process Launched

This week-end was an eventful one!

What started out as a discussion on the Erasmus+ programme, turned out to be a very fruitful discussion on one of the biggest non-formal happenings of 2014 – Connector +, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca in September. This week-end was about networking, learning and creating future partnerships for the European Youth Capital, but also for this huge event.

The event was hosted by ANPCDEFP, the Agency responsible for the Erasmus+ programme. The idea behind this event was to present different learning techniques, new themes that should be taken into consideration when thinking about new projects and new partners.

How did it work?

There were 42 participants, from all over Romania, from different NGO environments, that took part in this event with the determination to improve the idea of Connector + even further. We were separated into different working groups, each with its own theme, and we started developing them into project ideas. Our team realized the importance of fighting discrimination in Cluj-Napoca, of helping the Roma communities at the outskirts of Cluj, of “clearing” the myth of an on-going battle between the Romanian and Hungarian community and promoting the different minorities of Cluj and their cultural heritage as part of our beautiful history.

During the 2 days that we had at our disposal, we managed to establish a good work-flow and generate content for our project. We’ve identified our target group, our main activities during the 5 days of Connector+ in September, we’ve established each NGO’s responsibilities and we’re glad to announce that we’ll have 2 more meetings in Cluj to further improve the project!

The final outcome for our project, will be on a 5 day span, covering all 3 pillars of Connector+ – Laboratory+ , Incubator+ and Connector+. Each has its own theme and is open to anyone who wants take part in this event. Each pillar can be connected to the others and you can even finance a 10 day project, with a 5 day participation in Connector+, through Erasmus+.

We will organize a “Living Library”, where the participants will be able to connect with different successful people from all the different minorities and benefit from their experience and help. We will also have a mini-film festival with movies meant to motivate them into taking the necessary steps to achieve a better life for them and for their communities.

The most important thing is that all of our activities will not only be in the city centre, but also in all the other neighbourhoods and even at the outskirts of Cluj. For example, we are planning an activity at the Banffy Castle in Bontida, meant to help those communities.

Everybody is welcome to take part in this event, to organize a project, to be part of the biggest non-formal happening in Romania!

It’s going to be a fun and fulfilling September!