17 January 2014, Erasmus+ Is On

This is the new programme for education, youth and sports. Its budget is increased from every point of view. Youth activities, the youth sector will be financed in a more significant way.

The public call of the National Agency from Romania was announced today. As a completion, the English version of the Guide for Applicants is also available.

Check out the call in ROMANIAN:
Check out the Guide in ENGLISH:

By the way, do you want to be an Erasmus+ evaluator in Romania? Another call is here:
or check out the video presentation of Erasmus+:!Hw83nd

What we will do is the following:

  • We will work together with the youth sector from Cluj in matching their project ideas
  • We will work together to plan several major projects under this programme where the coordinating federation creates a general framework and partner organizations propose specific actions under this umbrella
  • We will also work together with other EYC cities in order to create strategic partnership projects in cooperation.

We have to take into account that the first deadlines in March and April already make possible to propose projects with the period of implementation covering all reference year 2015. This is the first real opportunity to already close down financing contracts for projects and activities from 2015, thus a major opportunity to put in practice projects is already on the table.

Erasmus+, you’re ON.