19 January 2014, Thessaloniki2014 and Cluj2014 Are Now Friends

It is not such a big deal. But still it is, as we managed to take serious steps towards operationalizing a set of plans and activities.

In short, we will do the following main categories:

  • Identifying a list of events and fostering participation
  • Cooperating in order to foster cooperation between Cluj and Thessaloniki and to transform them into twin cities
  • Setting youth as a first field of major cooperation as a starting point for identifying other fields of activity for cooperation
  • Working on cooperation regarding joint projects and partnerships during 2014 and 2015, with funding from the new Erasmus+ Programme
  • Working together in creating a common framework for European Youth Capitals in the near future, together with other EYC cities
  • Working together in a best-practice handover between two European Youth Capitals
  • Cross-promotion of T2014 and C2015.

Each category consists of several specific activities. During 2014 Cluj will take part in around 10-12 specific events of the Thessaloniki Programme, while our Greek partners will visit us for 4 or 5 times. The two cities will also work together on the 6-country projects called Youth Capitals in Action, coordinated by the Municipality of Varna, former finalist for the 2015 and 2016 EYC titles.

This step is also a first towards transforming Thessaloniki and Cluj-Napoca into twin cities until the end of 2015. We prospect a first official visit of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca in the Greek city, also the second largest in its country, also a big university center, and also a European Youth Capital. Similarities are there, youth is now a common topic which can be extended on further fields of activity.

During this spring the two offices of each city will also become outpost for the other city’s EYC programme.