15 January 2014, Start CONNECTING to Non-Formal, Apply!

Yesterday we announced CONNECTOR, the first large scale non-formal happening to be organized in Cluj, Europe’s Youth Capital in 2015. Today, together with our partners, we announced the open call for participants to take part in the idea generating weekend to be held in Cluj between 31 January and 2 February. The workshop will host participants from youth organizations from all around Romania. The aim of the weekend is to generate ideas and specific projects for the CONNECTOR 2014 Non-Formal festival to be held in Cluj in September this year. Although this event is in Romanian, the outcomes it generates will be valuable for several hundred international participants at the non-formal happening itself. So, if you are willing to take part in creating Connector, apply until 23 January here. Number of places is limited.

Why CONNECTOR? There are thousands of people in Europe who are passionate about non-formal learning and there are hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) who benefit from it. This event is dedicated to them and to those from other fields, who wish to share and to create learning instruments and methods, which have an impact at personal and professional level. The time has come for the non-formal to have its own celebration. CONNECTOR creates an interactive “happening” for hundreds of people from all over Europe, people for which non-formal education is the natural choice which completes and supports their formal one. And, why not, it can help Romania position itself as a European “hub” for non-formal education.

Why Cluj-Napoca? Besides the fact that it is a city with an incredibly high cultural vitality and social effervescence, Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital in 2015. With an ambitious programme and activity plan, under the motto SHARE, it is exactly what CONNECTOR wants for non-formal education. The 2014 edition will be the first CONNECTOR event, which represents the start of our journey. We will, of course, continue the programme in 2015, wanting to make CONNECTOR a European reference point in the next few years.