13 January 2013, Apprenticeship and Volunteering Taken to the Next Level

They say that in a few years’ time, jobs will be so specialized that we’ll be able to employ Skype Staging Specialists, instead of career advisors, Digital Detox Specialists, who’ll be in charge of separating your personal and virtual life, and Meme Agents, instead of digital creatives. This sounds completely science fiction-ish, right?

Well, truth is that technology and information changes as we speak, leading to new forms of work and furthermore, different and more creative opportunities for youngsters raised in the “digital era”.

This context couldn’t be more appropriate for Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 to try and work on the innovation of one of the main priorities, Sharing Work. So here’s a virtual toast for the first stash of recruitments in 2014, embracing new age technology, open-mindness and legitimizing of yet obscure jobs in Romania!

Meet our superheroes team – the social media “padawans”, as we called them, inspired by the futuristic world of Star Wars, who could slide their creative juice through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest boards, the Online Partnership virtuoso, who’d be able to create the (unexisting yet) bridge among bloggers, press and online creative initiatives, brave press officers and creative designers, who will draw the looks of our young Cluj better than no others!

From a more realistic point of view, even if they won’t change the world of online and communication until the end of 2015, at least we strive to help them gain the power to do that some day and remember us for opening the first door.

Until then… the call is still open, so the not-that-dark darkside is awaiting you! 😀