8 January 2014, Photo Volunteers Group, Thank You

We met today our most active volunteer group from the Volunteers’ Academy. They are the photographers, 21 (!) people, all of them already contributed to our activities throughout 2013. Although creating the final photo archive for 2013 is still in progress, there is already a wide range of photo documentation on what happened in 2013. We could say they were the most efficient volunteer group throughout 2013.

They were with us at dusk, at dawn, at midnight, in summer, in winter, in spring. 24/7, 365 days long. Whenever and wherever we needed them, they volunteered.

The group will concentrate in 2014 not just on covering and documenting every activity we do in the preparation process, but also other activities and projects which are managed directly by this group. We will also work on creating the necessary technical requirements for managing photo activity in 2015, and will organize several trainings about quality photography. Workplan for 2014 is in the planning process, we start 2014 on a high note.

The management team’s task si to always assign at least one if not several photographers for any event from back home or from other venues outside the city where we promote the slogan Switch on Cluj 2015, European Youth Capital.

Thanks to Microsoft, all photographers got their access to their @cluj2015.ro mail addresses, cooperation, task management, calendar synchronizing will be enabled in the next days.

Gals and guys, we are very proud of you, and we have already a lot to thank to you. Thank you!