27 December 2013, Getting in Grip with 2014

Plan2014 is the internal document we are working on as the next year is paramount for the city in its preparations for hosting the European Youth Capital title. We categorize our activities based on two basic criteria:

1.       Location: local, regional, national, European

Cluj2015 will be present not just in the city itself, but puts accent very much on raising awareness mostly among individuals in order to attract them in the youth capital year in Cluj through projects, activities, but mostly through the special youthful atmosphere created by this city for 2015. This is why we plan not just local, but also national and European level. There already are several projects which are planned in detail as they also got grants approved from different sources. One thing is clear, Cluj2015 has to take the road in order to get the necessary information to possible target groups. But we will not do this only by ourselves, but we will aim to YOU, our 32,000+ followers, to become our ambassadors. Of course not just like that, but through a gamified process.

2.       Type of activity: internal development, public actions, partner events, networking, causes and strategic

As it is a preparation year, there is still key focus on all internal development aspects. These internal projects are in relation with building the community of individual and institutional participants and co-creators of the European Youth Capital, about marketing and communications, about training, internal group cohesion, volunteering.

There are also some causes that we still aim for. One is the European Volunteering Capital 2015 title, strictly connected to our work for building a strong Volunteers Academy. There are also other perspectives undergoing some initial assessment. They are brave ideas, but we haven’t yet decided if they are to be pursued or not. However, things in January will become very clear also on these other aspects.

Our relations with other European Youth Capital cities is also on table. We started and we will continue to work on creating an institutional twin city relation between Cluj and other cities which give a special attention to their young generations. In 2014 these connections have to evolve to specific cooperation in practice. There are also several approved projects that will support our cooperation with cities such as Thessaloniki, 2014’s youth capital, the former youth capital of Braga, the future youth capital Ganja and the prospecting candidate for the third time, Varna. All these will head towards a broader framework, that of the Network of European Youth Capitals.

We are not yet working on the legacy of Cluj2015, but all projects are also taking this aspect into consideration. Some of the institutions, networks, partnerships created in this process will also remain after 2016. After 2016 there will be a new generation of youth leaders who will overtake the initiative.

For now, the youth capital management team focuses on the youth capital itself. Strategic decisions about the future will be made only at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Until then, back to getting in grip with 2014. Cheers.