26 December 2013, Office365 Migration Completed

Winter Holidays are good for several reasons: you get to see your loved ones, even if you have to travel a lot to get home, you get quiet and calm days.

But these holidays are also about a very low level of work-related activities and online interaction. Thus, it is a very good moment to make changes in the system.

This is what we did on the 2nd day of Christmas. We completed the migration process from our old systems to the new Microsoft Office 365 Platform. Migration was a first step in enabling the true value of the Office 365 platforms for the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Initiative.

We started at the beginning of December with mail and calendar migration. We continued this time with migrating all documents and Notebooks. We have set up all document folders. Furthermore, we created the first level of team sites, which will be the key platform elements of coordinating people, organizations, partners, tasks, calendars and several other features we are still learning.

Meanwhile we also installed our new Microsoft Office 2013 software, a tool which, stating from 2013 is fully synchronized with Office 365. As you see on this screenshot, the editor of this article is logged in (upper right side of the screen) the very moment this document is created. But this is a separate topic, we will post about Office on PC later on.


What we love very much is the fully integrated OneNote system of our SHARE Cloud. What one does on a note is automatically synchronized with all of our individual platforms and computers. This leads to a huge downscaling of e-mails, documents. As say sometimes, we stop to spam ourselves with an uncontrollable amount of e-mails.

But OneNote and cooperation on OneNote is also an individual topic itself, so we will post about this later.

Creating our first elements of the SHARE Cloud based on Microsoft platforms is already starting to have its effect on our management processes. But its true impact can be measured once we start to be very close to the peak year of Cluj as the European Youth Capital.

The SHARE Cloud will not only be available for internal management. This, and the mail addresses will be the key access point for any partner organization that wants to be part of our journey for the European Youth Capital. In the first quarter of 2014 this access will become open for each partner and volunteer of the EYC and Office features in the cloud will be available for each of our partners, contributors to the vision of Cluj 2015 European Youth Capital.