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19 December 2013, Green Light from the EU for The Partnership and for Sharing European and Responsibly


We won, it is a fact, both projects financed by the European Union through its Youth in Action Programme. The total value of funding is of 30.000 euros. But what exactly are the two projects about? Here are the English summaries of the projects.

SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly

WHO? The SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation was formed by 32 youth NGOs who became partners and signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the support of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca in its bid to earn the European Youth Capital 2015 title.  The Federation itself is a formed partnership for the preparation, management, monitoring and evaluation of the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Programme, which earned this prestigious title for the city of Cluj. The project will be implemented by the 32 organizations represented by the Federation, the expert cooperation of Asociatia REPER21, a young NGO from Bucharest who developed the SOCIETAL Model – a form of responsibility for NGOs – and Fundacao Braga Augusta, the Portuguese manager group of the Braga2012 European Youth Capital Programme, which had a huge success in embracing European level cooperation for its project.

WHAT? This project aims to create the detailed concept and elaborate the details of the SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly horizontal priorities for the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 (European Youth Capital) Programme. SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly will be in fact two sets of instruments, criteria, methods through which the quality of the projects in the European Youth Capital can be raised, and implementing organizations can earn these two labels for themselves and for their activities. The result of the project will be the fully elaborated sets of standards, the forms of applying for these labels, the forms of monitoring and evaluating the implementation measures. For this purpose there is a need for youth NGOs and decision makers to meet and work together in how to make these criterias work and how to be embraced by the youth NGO sector.

WHY? Cluj-Napoca won the European Youth Capital 2015 title and will hold this through a 363 days long youth programme with over 1000 activities, mobilizing over 300 partner organizations, having over 400.000 participants and hosting over 25.000 foreign youngsters. SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly are two horizontal priorities that enable a better quality of projects within this major programme leading to increased results and a higher level of impact and sustainability on a long term.

WHEN? The project starts in January 2014 and will end at the end of October 2014. The project lasts 10 months. The main activity of the project will be held in June 2014 in Cluj-Napoca with a total duration of 4 days.

WHERE? The project’s coordination is taking place in Cluj-Napoca with several preparation activities taking place also in Bucharest.

HOW? The list of activities is as follows: Detailed project plan for the two priorities – Setting the initial set of standards (categories) – Preparation meeting – Detailed planning – SHARE European Workshop – SHARE Responsibly workshop – Creating the guides on Sharing the European Way and Sharing Responsibly – Creating dissemination instruments – Dissemination meeting in Bucharest – Dissemination meeting in Cluj-Napoca – Project evaluation.

The Partnership for Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 (European Youth Capital)

The Partnership for the European Youth Capital 2015 project aims to create a sustainable form of cooperation between the youth NGO sector from Cluj and other stakeholders of the European Youth Capitals, among them the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, national and public institutions, youth organizations.

The project’s main activities will result in the following outputs: official decisions related to the youth sector and the youth NGO sector adopted by the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca, policy papers proposed by the youth sector that can be the base for adopting national level legislation and generating projects. The project will also generate the first online youth think tank in Romania formed by youth experts who will cooperate in generating youth policies at local and national level.

The main event of the project will host a set of round tables and workshops on the six priorities of the European Youth Capital (SHARE Space, Culture, Work, Power, Joy, Vision), consultative meetings of the national stakeholders and a special session of the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

We believe this project is of strategic importance for a sustainable form of cooperation in the European Youth Capital Year itself (2015) and also beyond that.