17 December 2013, Share Reponsibly Begins To Take Hold

We are proud to say that the new horizontal priority, Share Responsibly, begins to take hold. The Reper21 Association, within the project “Societal”, is contributing to the adoption of Social Responsibility by NGOs, through the development and operationalization of the priority “Share Responsibly”, which aims to integrate the principles of sustainable development (environment, social equity, economic progress) and a good governance (behaviour ethics, transparency, stakeholder engagement) in the management of projects under the “Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital”.

The last two days have been very intense for us. We walked through the internal management of the federation, we made plans for the future and the next step is to create a Gantt chart with deadlines well established.

We talked about different domains and we developed several ideas which are our new guidelines in all the projects. We started with social equity where we discussed issues like discrimination – encouraging the access of people with disabilities in organizing events and attending them; health conditions – ensuring that volunteers benefit of life insurance; we will start the approach of SHARE Federation becoming an operator of personal data. On the environment protection part, we want to form responsible behaviour in the field of ecology, and the first step will be our own example, so we will begin with the location of containers for selective collection; we will promote local producers; we will use recycled paper. If we’re talking about ​​good governance, we want to create a document that will help the organizations to know how to discuss with the stakeholders; we will achieve an internal procedure by which the volunteers/members of our federation notify acts of corruption; we also noticed a need in creating an on-line system which contains of the projects that already exist in the federation and of the organizations that are not members yet but they want to bring a project to Cluj – this way we are going to avoid the duplication of projects and we can even organize higher level projects.

Many of our partner’s – Reper21’s – proposals were already found in our system, such as the participatory budget, multiculturalism, we use energy saving light bulbs and promote the use of natural light, encourage walking, ensure sustainability of project results through sharing know-how to other youth capitals, promoting the area and local business, we identify people’s skills and promote them, we respect intellectual property rights.

Our next steps will be to promote certain principles of social responsibility among our partners and especially among the members of the federation. We will help them become familiar with this concept, and we will engage them in socially responsible projects.

Of course, this is not everything, there are a lot of other good ideas that came through our minds but you will find out more as soon as possible. Well, we surely are in a better way to go, so thanks for your involvement, Reper21!