16 December 2013, AAM Group and Cluj2015 Are Now Friends

One leap forward. We are proud to announce the strategic partnership and cooperation with AAM Consulting on strategic and project management completed with a project quality assurance system. Our partner’s experience in the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture is a very good starting point in the preparation and implementation process for Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 (European Youth Capital).

We believe, management in the NGO sector for the European Youth Capital does not mean a lower level of professionalism in the management process. As we build very much on the principles of co-creation, networking, partnership, added value, creativity and vision, a very good set up for coordination, management, and monitoring and evaluation based on a very clear set of indicators is a key success factor of Cluj-Napoca as 2015’s European Youth Capital.

„What AAM Group can do to us is giving us the necessary input on project and partnership management that is needed for exactly the open approach we sustain from the first moment that builds on creating a context, a story for Cluj-Napoca as 2015’s European Youth Capital to which any informal group of youngsters, NGOs, companies, public institution from Cluj, the region of Transylvania, Romania and Europe can connect to. The European Youth Capital is a story of co-creation and the beneficiaries are exactly these organizations, besides the general public”, underlines Răzvan Luca, our head of programme coordination within the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 (European Youth Capital) Programme.

With our proven track record of 1500 successful projects AAM Management Information Consulting is the leading independent Hungarian consultancy firm, operating in 11 countries. We presently employ approximately 150 individuals. With more than 15 years of professional experience, we provide comprehensive management and IT consulting services to a wide variety of long-term clients ranging from public administration through local SMEs to most major players in local and international private business.

AAM Consulting was established in 1994. After seven years of successful local operation we entered the regional market in 2001, focusing on the geographical area expected to undergo a transition similar to that Hungary had gone through. Recognizing the market niche in the field of IT application integration we formed a separate branch providing these services. Based on our experience we support our clients in the processes and reforms towards becoming part of the European community and towards EU accession. In 2005 we established our first local office in Romania, which was followed by our Croatian office in 2009. Over the past several years we have increased our profile in the Balkan region.

Most of our regional projects are carried out in the public administration sector for mainly central and regional government agencies and various public administration bodies and in the financial sector for the key players in banking and insurance. We also provide services for telecommunications and energy market leaders and the health, education and transport sectors. We, the consultants of AAM, distinguish ourselves by the quality of our services, our independence from suppliers and our long-term success in helping our clients deal with complex internal and external problems. We believe that the only way we can succeed is through the growth and success of our clients and partners, since we walk this path together. Our project teams always meet the very highest standards to ensure a consistent, outstanding quality of work. The broad and reliable industry know-how and the professional excellence of approximately 150 consultants guarantee that we are able to deliver practical solutions for complex problems in the field of management consulting and IT services. AAM Consulting also took part in the project quality assurance process of the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture project, added Ervin Miklós, CEO of AAM Consulting, the Romanian subsidiary of the Group.

Our cooperation with AAM combined by the technology partnership with Microsoft will enable the necessary setup for the management of a wide range of partnerships and activities based on the principles of co-creation, networking, partnership, added value, creativity and vision.

AAM can be reached here. www.aam.hu.