11 December 2013, Call for 2017’s European Youth Capital is Open. Our Advice


The European Youth Forum announced the official call for the 2017 European Youth Capital title. Time goes by very quickly, as the deadline for the first round of concept notes is 20 February 2014.


You can find the call on the www.europeanyouthcapitals.org website. We quote from them:

The ‘European Youth Capital’ (EYC) is a title granted by the European Youth Forum to a European city for a period of one year, during which it is given the chance to showcase its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic life and development. The EYC initiative encourages the implementation of new ideas and innovative projects with regards to the active participation of young people in society and seeks to present a role model for the further development of other European municipalities.

The EYC aims at strengthening the relationship between the local level and the European institutions, giving attention to youth participation at the local level as well as the European level. Together with institutional partners and other relevant stakeholders, the EYC aims to empower youth on all levels and encourage them to be more proactive actors in shaping and developing their societies.

The ‘European Youth Capital’ title gives European cities the opportunity to present a multifaceted youth-focused programme, which highlights in their city the wealth, diversity and common characteristics of Europe’s intergenerational approach and the empowerment of young people throughout the continent.

1st APPLICATION DEADLINE: SUBMISSION OF CONCEPT NOTES: DEADLINE: Candidates are invited to provide a short concept note (please see the concept note form attached to this call) by the first application deadline on 20th February 2014 (23:59 CET), applications received after this date will not be considered.

1. How does a city become a European Youth Capital?

The title ‘European Youth Capital’ (EYC) is awarded only when a European municipality distinguishes itself in a positive way and has an ambitious programme for empowering youth. The title is bestowed by a joint selection jury of European Civil Society organisations and institutional partners.

2. Why should a city apply to become the next European Youth Capital?

Without doubt, there are a number of benefits for municipalities that consider applying for selection as a European Youth Capital.

– Europe-wide: the EYC programme offers the chance to showcase cultural and

professional youth issues. Public recognition is fostered by media and press coverage, which will also increase the reputation and popularity of the city in, for example, the tourist dimension.

The regional impact will be visible in many respects: the EYC serves as a framework for new projects and ideas and stimulates stronger and more active cultural life throughout the municipality and its neighbouring areas.

Acquiring additional public funding and new financial donors is made easier, in light of the motivating and encouraging project framework offered by the EYC.

3. Who can apply?

Local authorities can apply. Included in the definition local authorities are municipalities or a grouping of  municipalities within a metropolitan area. Local authorities from Member States of the Council of Europe are eligible.


Because it is a challenge, it raises local and sometimes even regional pride, because it can put people with different views to the same table for a joint cause, and most of all because it is a marvellous opportunity for the city to involve its youth in a co-working experience.


If a city wins, there is a vaste range of opportunities which open up on cooperation, visibility, European awareness about the city concerned. However, it is not a given thing, one has to earn all this. As we are still in the preparation processes for this title, we still don’t know how exactly this title will have an impact on the city. It has to be said, all capitals until now had different experiences, and all capital cities approached the title differently. Cluj is the 7th capital, the city that will earn the 2017 title will be the 9th one. As time passed by, the level of experience, knowledge, best practices created to these year long programmes will accumulate and will form a joint set of recommendations, guidelines from cities to candidates.

If one does not win, work is not in vain. The bidding process itself is a good practice in forming a unique, original cooperation between the public sector (or the city hall).


Either way, it is an original journey which produces plenty of joy, experience for all youngsters and also officials who do get involved in an application process. A bid of a city produces pride among locals, it generates a lot of interaction and the city faces somehow its own reality regarding its youth generation and the bidding process urges the city to tackle its own youth issues, in a good way.


We dream on meeting the first region or metropolitan area which takes up the challenge. As usually smaller cities are in line for this title, a bid from a major European metropolis would be a piece of cherry on the cake of the European Youth Capital title.


We really hope we can contribute through our example to raising awareness among twin cities, other partner cities and to reaching 25 candidates in the 2017 bidding process. As years go buy, more and more cities do find out about this opportunity and more more are urged to enter this competition. The first signals from several cities already reached us, and as we are not jury member anymore, we are more keen then ever to offer our experience to other municipalities that consider starting this marvellous journey.


  • Leave your youth generate the concept and basic idea for the concept of the bid!
  • Empower youngsters to organize themselves on social networks and any other form they can generate a general support for the city and its bid!
  • Make the cooperation between the city and youth cooperation official!
  • Be creative and original: any small idea of a youngster can have a place even if there is a unique concept in the bid for the title!
  • Be professional: this bid is just like a bid for the Olympics, but on a smaller scale. But it needs a vision on management, communication, key priorities, partnerships, European perspective, and a lot more.