9 December 2013, Bucharest Opening Up

Yet another delegation to Bucharest. It is the final one this week. Public institution meeting, private sector meetings, consultancy meeting. Management, specific projects, 2014, new connections.

There is the thing with Bucharest, it works on a different speed than anything else in Romania. It is another world, it is still the epicenter of key decisions on any given aspect. And altough Cluj is the winner of the European Youth Capital title, the country should take some form of ownership in this yearlong youth programme too.

What we do is to try to build up smaller dreams. We have the dream of the youth capital, but dreams of institutions have to be part of the bigger dream. One takes ownership in something.

One thing is for sure. Our meetings on the first day were very sweet, fruitful and connector-like. A lot of good details coming up at the end of this year and the beginning of next year.

The line of meetings will end with a special set of discussions on the management and systemic processes of the programme. And with another private-ngo partnership for the European Youth Capital.

With love from Bucharest.