6 December 2014: We Are in the League of Young Voters

Youth@Cluj-Napoca had the opportunity of taking part in this event, due to its status as a partner for the Romanian Youth Council. The purpose was to help the members of the European Youth forum in better defining their projects, their methods of reaching the youth and making sure that their decision for the European Elections of 2014 is a informed one.

The major theme, identified in all of the participating countries was that the youth is not that well informed about the impact the decisions made in Brussels, has on their country. One example that was discussed, was the Austrian Government decision to allow 16 year old people to vote and how this would impact future elections through-out Europe.

We also had the opportunity to talk about important issues, such as discussing with politicians to participate at our events, how to deal with euro-sceptics, how to make an effective analysis of each political party programme, how to mobilize the youth using the League of Young Voters.

One important aspect we talked about was reaching and mobilizing young people with fewer opportunities. One possibility is to give them the opportunity of having their ideas heard, their problems presented and be given assurances of their solutions.

We also know the fact that it may generate mistrust, but we have just received the European Youth’s Forum agreement to translate the Pledges that European Members of Parliament, from other countries, sign willingly in order to show their determination in listening to the youth of Europe and making sure that their voice is heard in the meetings and workings of the European Parliament.

One of the most useful tools, that we can use is the MyVote2014 website, created by the VoteWatch Europe team, they basically make sure that the EU Parliament is transparent in its decision making. It basically allows you to find your EMP soul-mate, only by answering 15 questions. You can also see how they voted on certain issues and you have the possibility to see how EU legislation would be, if it were shaped by you, the young voter. It is a fantastic tool, which we will start using as soon as possible.

Taking part in the debate workshop, it gave us the opportunity to gather information on how to organize an efficient debate, one where  people have the opportunity to hear 2 different opinions, hear their problems or ideas discussed, within a respectful environment.


Overall, the event was fruitful and we can only wish the best to all the members of the European Youth Forum and be there for them if they need any kind of help.

If you want, you can check out the following websites. We promise, they’re worth it!