25 November 2013, After a Mega EU-Week of Programme Decisions, Our Work Started Today

Maybe you did not notice, but it was a full week of plenary sessions in the European Parliament. A week of decisions between 18 and 21 November 2013.

We have a Multiannual Financial Framework for 2014-2020. It might seem for us, normal guys, something futuristic. But actually this is the genesis for every budget of every structural fund, operation programme, community programme. This is the basis for the new Erasmus+ Programme (the continuation of youth and educational financing programmes). This is everything.

Then, there was a final vote on Erasmus+ Programme, on the Creative Europe Programme (that unites former Culture 2007 and Media Programmes), on the Europe for Citizens Programme (that has a lot of grants for twin city relations, network of twinned towns and initiatives of civil society institutions).

From our point of view, we believe the adoption of these programmes underline that the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Programme is very much in line of what Europe imagines for 2013.

On Erasmus+, there is also a very good European Commission presentation on the objectives and priorities of the new Erasmus+ Programme.

You can check out what was voted following this link:

We started today a correlation of objectives between these programmes and our youth capital concept and projects within our programme. As first deadlines might already exist on 1 February 2014, we will also start a local dissemination in order to encourage and help organizations and institutions to apply for grants. It is a true green light, and this is a huge opportunity to get significant extra funding for our and our partners’ projects within the European Youth Capital 2015.

Finally, there is a motion to get the plenary sessions of the European Parliament to Brussels based on cost reduction issues. We agree.