5 January 2014, Our Vision About the Legacy of the Youth Capital for Cluj

Cluj can define itself as an important hub of youth-related events and is a youth policies incubator and laboratory. Our vision for Cluj-Napoca is to be the most livable and youthful city and youth destination in Central and Southeastern Europe with sharing as its guiding principle. Cluj-Napoca will gain a full proof Local Action Plan […]


25 January 2014, the European Confederation of Youth Clubs Was Here

They reach over 2 million people every year. ECYC unites over 10,000 youth clubs from all over Europe through 19 national member organisations. They are one, if not the biggest, youth networks from our continent. The vision of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC) is to empower young people through open youth work and […]


12 January 2014, Cluj: Better Quality of Life for Locals, Gamma City for the World

We propose to introduce in the vision of Cluj-Napoca: to become one of the Gamma cities of the world. This is one thing we proposed today as an answer to the request of Cluj-Napoca European Capital of Culture Association (responsible entity for the creation of the mid-term vision of the city) and we proposed several […]


7 January 2014, Background: on the Competitive Advantage of Nations (What About Cluj?)

Michael Porter’s book The Competitive Advantage of Nations is considered by many to be one of the most ambitious books of our times. The book re-examines the nation-state, suggesting that its basic role today is an economic one, and that, even in a global economy, it has a key role to play by ensuring the success of […]


20 December 2013, Varna-Braga-Torino-Thessaloniki-Maribor-Cluj Cooperation Confirmed, with EU Funding

Another confirmation of the ever growing importance of European Youth Capital titles at European level. Varna, as former finalist for 2015 and 2016, but a city which takes up the challenge for a third time too, had the ambition to plan a project called ‘Youth Capitals in Action’. They applied for a special strand within the […]

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19 December 2013, Green Light from the EU for The Partnership and for Sharing European and Responsibly

We won, it is a fact, both projects financed by the European Union through its Youth in Action Programme. The total value of funding is of 30.000 euros. But what exactly are the two projects about? Here are the English summaries of the projects. SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly WHO? The SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation was formed by […]