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24 January 2014, Capital Europe 2: Go Nonformal, Apply for International Meeting in Cluj

Capital Europe 2 – GO NONFORMAL Partnership-building Activity 12-16 March 2014 | Cluj Napoca, Romania For nonformal learning passionates – a partnership building activity around the European Youth Capital concept and to develop partnerships for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening (see description) as part of this concept. What (in a „nutshell”) A networking event aiming […]


19 January 2014, Thessaloniki2014 and Cluj2014 Are Now Friends

It is not such a big deal. But still it is, as we managed to take serious steps towards operationalizing a set of plans and activities. In short, we will do the following main categories: Identifying a list of events and fostering participation Cooperating in order to foster cooperation between Cluj and Thessaloniki and to […]


18 December 2013, Bucharest Met Hungaromânisme and the Castles of Transylvania

(photo courtesy of Hungaromânisme – Romagyarázatok,  Așa-i că-n dimineața asta nu te-ai trezit…?/ Ugye, hogy nem így ébredtél ma reggel… Kézenfekvő – Culcat pe mână (La îndemână) Trezit de/ Ébresztette: George Rosu — with George Rosu. The Ethnic Relations Department of the General Secretariat of the Government of Romania financed two of our and our partner’s’ project this […]