11 December 2014: COM’ON Cluj-Napoca! The Participatory Budgeting for Youth was launched

COM’On Cluj-Napoca. It is the European Youth Capital year coming and we all want to involve all youngsters in creating the most joyful experience possible in 2015. This project wants to contribute exactly to this process! The project proposed by the PONT Group, in partnership with the SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation, the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca […]

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24 January 2014, Capital Europe 2: Go Nonformal, Apply for International Meeting in Cluj

Capital Europe 2 – GO NONFORMAL Partnership-building Activity 12-16 March 2014 | Cluj Napoca, Romania For nonformal learning passionates – a partnership building activity around the European Youth Capital concept and to develop partnerships for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening (see description) as part of this concept. What (in a „nutshell”) A networking event aiming […]


15 January 2014, Start CONNECTING to Non-Formal, Apply!

Yesterday we announced CONNECTOR, the first large scale non-formal happening to be organized in Cluj, Europe’s Youth Capital in 2015. Today, together with our partners, we announced the open call for participants to take part in the idea generating weekend to be held in Cluj between 31 January and 2 February. The workshop will host participants […]


14 January 2014, Connector2014 Non-Formal Happening in Cluj

It is official, ANPCDEFP, the Agency coordinating Erasmus+ in Romania, the SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation and Cluj-Napoca City Hall will be partners in organizing the biggest international non-formal event in Romania. Connector 2014 will take place in September and will be a first edition for preparing the even more important second edition in Cluj-Napoca, 2015’s European […]