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24 January 2014, Capital Europe 2: Go Nonformal, Apply for International Meeting in Cluj

Capital Europe 2 – GO NONFORMAL Partnership-building Activity 12-16 March 2014 | Cluj Napoca, Romania For nonformal learning passionates – a partnership building activity around the European Youth Capital concept and to develop partnerships for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening (see description) as part of this concept. What (in a „nutshell”) A networking event aiming […]


13 January 2013, Apprenticeship and Volunteering Taken to the Next Level

They say that in a few years’ time, jobs will be so specialized that we’ll be able to employ Skype Staging Specialists, instead of career advisors, Digital Detox Specialists, who’ll be in charge of separating your personal and virtual life, and Meme Agents, instead of digital creatives. This sounds completely science fiction-ish, right? Well, truth […]