13 January 2013, Apprenticeship and Volunteering Taken to the Next Level

They say that in a few years’ time, jobs will be so specialized that we’ll be able to employ Skype Staging Specialists, instead of career advisors, Digital Detox Specialists, who’ll be in charge of separating your personal and virtual life, and Meme Agents, instead of digital creatives. This sounds completely science fiction-ish, right? Well, truth […]


12 January 2014, Cluj: Better Quality of Life for Locals, Gamma City for the World

We propose to introduce in the vision of Cluj-Napoca: to become one of the Gamma cities of the world. This is one thing we proposed today as an answer to the request of Cluj-Napoca European Capital of Culture Association (responsible entity for the creation of the mid-term vision of the city) and we proposed several […]


7 January 2014, Background: on the Competitive Advantage of Nations (What About Cluj?)

Michael Porter’s book The Competitive Advantage of Nations is considered by many to be one of the most ambitious books of our times. The book re-examines the nation-state, suggesting that its basic role today is an economic one, and that, even in a global economy, it has a key role to play by ensuring the success of […]


23 December 2013, Respect For the First Successful European Citizens Initiative

Today’s joyful news comes from outside, but we think it is a landmark for Europe, for its future, as there was a validation of the first European Citizens Initiative which gathered the necessary 1 million signatures from at least seven member states. In fact, it gathered over 1,6 million, and still counting. Commission must take […]